My name is Nora, and this is the record of my attempt to be an autodidact.  I am a teacher, gardener, knitter, reader, cook, and a huge Agatha Christie fan.  I have a number of learning goals that I’d like to pursue – learn Latin and Spanish, the guitar, master the 5 master sauces, have a general understanding of film history, and read extensively.

I worked at a bookstore for many years, and have accumulated a number of books that I haven’t read.  Some of them I plan to keep and treasure, some are bound for Goodwill as soon as I read them.  I also read library books – either the physical book, or downloaded onto my Kindle.  I have extensive private Amazon wish lists to keep track of the books I want to read.

This blog will document my efforts to be a “life-long learner” in a number of categories.  I will keep track of everything I read on my book page, but I won’t review all of them.  There are some books I read, like those by Agatha Christie or P D James, or books I was crazy about as a child, that I find soothing to read no matter how many times I’ve read them before.

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